Nandor's Window Cleaning provides a high quality reach and clean window cleaning service to both commercial and residential clients.

Our window cleaners specialise in the pure water technology with water fed pole cleaning system.

We can clean windows up to a height of 65 feet with our system – safely.

All our works are covered by liability insurance.

We are happy to give free quotation to commercial and residential clients.

Window Cleaning

Nandor’s Window Cleaning tailor the highest level of window cleaning service to your requirements using the latest window cleaning technology available. Window cleaning is carried out using our telescopic water fed pole system.

Although tap water looks clean it actually contains a lot of dissolved chemicals and minerals these amounts vary from area to area (Hard & Soft water areas). It is these minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium) that leave white residues on glass.

The Brodex water purification technology de-mineralises and de-ionises tap water to removes these impuries and produce pure water. By using 100% pure water, which is then pumped through telescopic poles, we are able to access and clean windows to heights in excess of 60 feet. And because our window cleaners work from the ground, we can work quickly and safely.

Conservatory cleaning

We have the benefit of our pure water technology (water fed pole) system which enables both the safe & thorough cleaning of formerly difficult to reach high level areas.

Regular cleaning of conservatories greatly reduces the need for repairs and maintenance as, over time, the accumulation of dirt and grime causes damage such as corrosion, fading and discoloration.

A clean conservatory really can make all the difference to your house, so make sure your conservatory is clean in time for spring and summer months when you will be making the most of your conservatory.

Nandor's window cleaning before
Nandor's window cleaning after

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I am extremely pleased with your work, punctuality, reliability and enthusiasm.

Jacquie Carducci,

I really appreciate the efficient and friendly service that you give.

Mrs A E Moger,

A reliable and professional service at all times. Always polite and friendly. Price very good too. Thank you.

B. Whickman,

Always reliable+very polite. Always receive a txt to let us know when to expect them. Had some building work done, so wanted to delay cleaning-easy to contact them and no problem delaying cleaning. Keep up the good work!

Old Malden

Excellent service and very trustworthy and polite. Always have good sparkling windows, even on the loft window. Would not want to change window cleaner.

N. Badshah,


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